Red Flags A-Waving: until further notice


Yep, got another call from the LAFD, announcing what I pretty much already suspected after watching the weather last night: Red Flag fire danger conditions are back (curse you, Santa Anas!) and parking restrictions are once again in effect, until further notice.

(I’m going for the record in World’s Longest Sentence.)

As usual, the whole story by calling 3-1-1 or at the LAFD website at: WWW.LAFD.ORG/REDFLAG.

3 thoughts on “Red Flags A-Waving: until further notice”

  1. I like the Santa Ana’s aside from the dust, allergans flying and so dry it is impossible to wear contacts. It at least is a nice warm day when they do blow.

  2. Nice how this blog alternates fairly regularly between posts about red flag fire alerts and posts praising the sunless, rainless weather. Thank God the two things are completely unrelated.

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