How do people find me?

Just to satisfy my ego I installed on my own blog a tracking plug-in called sitemeter. Just the freebie version to just track hits to help me sort out who’s watching and what is getting their attention. The funny bit is that I can see how they find me. Links to me, bookmarks are no where near as interesting as the query’s submitted to search engines that direct people to me. This mornings bit was most entertaining:

Search Engine
Search Words can humans move objects just by there mind? </em

As if I’ve ever written anything on that topic but there you go I was spotlighted on that search. Anyone else track how people find them? Anything interesting pop up?

6 thoughts on “How do people find me?”

  1. I once had someone come to my site via a search for “what to pour in gas tank to blow up car”. Like you, I was driven to post about it because I thought it was so damned funny/crazy.

  2. I’ve had sitemeter on my blog forever and I adore it. I actually blogged about my sitemeter (click link for full blog post) last month. I’m fascinated by how people find me. For example, I learned back in 2005 that ‘faboo’ is like a gay porn term in South America. ‘labor pics’ and ‘delivery pics’ are constant searches, mostly from South East Asia. Recently in 20 minutes, I got a search from Greece, Turkey and Austria looking up ‘mama f*ck’. People also look up my OBs since I’ve blogged about them. People also get to my site looking up journalist I crap on. I wonder how much of that is ego-surfing.

    Then because I was active on a political blog, I found that if I pissed off people the number of hits on my site from that political blog would soar.

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