East Los Xmas Parade


It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and the East LA Christmas Parade already happened, just this past Sunday. Seems kinda early to me, but what do I know about choosing dates for parades? I managed to catch some of it, want to take a look at the pics? Siganme los buenos!

PS, lots of pics ahead. But you don’t want to work anyways, just do it!


When I got to the corner of Whittier and Duncan, I’d already missed some of it, maybe lots of it. Oh well.


Parades and dancing kids go hand in hand.


The Garfield High Bulldog. Please excuse the poor quality of my pics, I was facing the sun.


I’m not sure what this miniature war ship was about, maybe the Lilliputians are organizing an attack.


Lowrider bikes…


…lead the way for the lowrider cars. I think it must be a legal requirement that Eastside parades have lowriders. The first batch were the older, classic autos.


This must be the best seat in which to see all the action on Whittier Blvd.


I could never own a nice car like this, I’d never wash it. And the duct tape repairs would hurt its value.


The whole family came along in this ride.


Look how low this truck is; if it went over the horse droppings some of it would surely have gotten on the car. Err, keep an eye on those, they’ll be the subject of some cheap laughs later on. Yeah, I’m immature.

Here’s a short clip of the cars in action.


Quite a few vendors were out selling party favors.


The old style of transport also made a presence.


Lots of people came out to watch, like these kids that were having fun.


Paulo Nagamura
of Chivas USA gets heckled by the guy in the blue shirt that’s screaming “America”, the big rival of Chivas in Mexican Futbol.


Drill team in action.


Watch your step!


Learning the ropes.


More vaqueros.


And a very young one as well!


A band called Orgullo Cafe. Why the hell are they laughing at me?!?


Truckload of young faces.


Steer clear!


Hey look everyone, it’s the peneagle named Norky! What’s a peneagle? That’s what you get when the father eagle and the mother penguin get it on. Or so says the website. Inter-species love, how romantic.


The height of excess. Seems quite appropriate for the commodity fetish season. I think I’ll celebrate Buy Nothing Day this year.


The Compton Sounders were a crowd favorite.


A biker with a new flag that mixes the Mexican and United States flags. No doubt some of the haters are going to be offended. Bunch of babies.


Down in front! Some vato blocks my shot of the pretty ladies. Oh wait, is that Ed from View from a Loft? Yes it is! Ah, okay, I’ll let it slide compa. ;)


And now, time for more lowriders, only these are a bit newer.

Always a crowd favorite.


Cotton candy on a stick.






Double Squish!!


A silly string vendor chats with his customers.


A Tamborazo band comes along to share some festive music. They’re playing the song that seemed to be in non-stop rotation on the radio this summer, El Camaleon.

Here’s a short clip of the band and some horsies.


Kids attack the paletero.


These ladies gave the landmines a wide berth…

…too bad they didn’t tell those in the back! Okay, I’ll stop being a jerk now.


Some creepy looking pumpkin head kids towards the end of the parade.


I guess not everyone thinks they’re creepy.


And once you see Santa, it’s all over.


Packing up and heading home as the street cleaners loom in the distance. And here I bid you farewell. Enjoy the holidays!

13 thoughts on “East Los Xmas Parade”

  1. El Chavo you made my damn day with that post. Really. Next year try to let us know in advance so I can get my gabacho ass down there myself. It looks like so much fun.

  2. Great pics, awesome post. Maybe you’ve already done this, but you should cover the Mexican Independence Day parade in Eastlos as well.

  3. Great pics, awesome post. Maybe you’ve already done this, but you should cover the Mexican Independence Day parade in Eastlos as well.

  4. Maybe Orgullo Cafe was laughing at you because you were in dressed as Chavo del Ocho. Not very Navidad-sih, if you ask me.

    Great post! I’ll be in East LA in December, looking for vihuelas and bajosextos to buy. I’ll hit the pawn shops last…

  5. This post did what nothing’s ever done before December 1: get me in the holiday spirit. Awesome El Chavo!

  6. Great coverage. But having Christmas parades before Thanksgiving is just wrong. That being said, hope to see you at the NELA Christmas Parade in Highland Park on Sunday, December 2, at 1pm!

  7. Excellent as usual, love your running commentary, you should do the Rose Parade some year and spare us Stephany Edwards.

  8. Some thoughts. Those yellow outfits for the dance troupe seem a little risqué. Maybe I’m just kinda conservative.

    I’ve never seen a marching tamborazo. Crazy.

  9. man, i went to that thing. #1 that damn thing was long as hell, even though i left early. #2 sux that i missed the lowriders #3 those damn vendors got on my nerves .. and thats about it . ha. other then that, it was an ok parade. great pics though!!

  10. yup those yellow outfits from mernegue 8 are ugly …. and they show toooooo much …. toooo bad alma latina DANCE GROUP wasnt there…. they are the bomb ! …. they would make everyone enjoy that parade like never before in your life …. no joke ! ALMA LATINA DOESNT HAVE NO COMPETITITON WHAT SO EVER ! THEY ARE THE SHITTTTT ! …. GO SEE ALMA LATINA IN LYNWOOD PARADE ! THEY ALWAYS WIN 1ST EVERYWHERE THEY GO … AND MAYORS AWARD !

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