$20 Dollar Project : Kidlet Performance Awards

tyreceipt.jpg In my house I get the “Bad Dad” rap at times as I won’t pay for grades. Sorry, but I expect them to perform at their ability level and bust their asses to get better. I do however have a reward when they do well. It’s lunch with me, just me. None of their sibs and the location is their choice.

The first to pony up a great report card and even had a score better than expected was my oldest. To find out her choice for lunch and the next installment in the $20 Dollar project you have to make the jump.

tylogo.jpg Her favorite place for lunch is Teri & Yaki which bills itself as “Asian Comfort Food”. Since I didn’t grow up Asian I can’t tell you if its true or not, I can tell you however that it really is some good grub.

It’s a pretty simple straight forward menu. Beef Short Rib or Chicken marinated in a Korean BBQ style and grilled over an open flame to order when you arrive. It is served over rice and stir fried noodles for starters.

It’s the sides that are too good to pass up. I got wind of the place and their “Seasoned Spinach” from my dentist who just raved about it when they first opened. I have to agree its really, REALLY good. It’s a blanched spinach with a very light vinegar and subtle garlicky spices. I’ve been known to order just a pint and have it for lunch as it is that good as a stand alone vegetarian day lunch.

The other side that absolutely rocks in my book is the “Spicy Cucumber” which is thinly sliced cucumbers, carrots onion and some green thingy’s with some subtle heat. I’ts like kimche except its more fresh pickled and less fire.


Today’s order did pretty much exhaust the 20. She ordered the double chicken and an extra side of the chicken and a drink. I did the beef/chicken split with a side of both “Seasoned Spinach” and “Spicy Cucumber” and a drink. All told it cost $17.89. I tossed in 2 Bones to the tip jar so RobNoxious can’t call me a douche bag for not tipping. All told $19.89.

My usual Teri & Yaki is the one at Foothill and Myrtle here in outer Monrovia, but they have all these other locations:

PASADENA – Arroyo Pkwy
319 S. Arroyo Pkwy #9
(+ Del Mar Blvd.)
Pasadena, CA 91105
Phone: 626.683.9865

229 N. Lake Ave.
(+ Walnut St.)
Pasadena, CA 91101
Phone: 626.844.4554

106 S. Myrtle Ave.
(+ Foothill Blvd.)
Monrovia, CA 91016
Phone: 626.256.6705

So not quite 20 bones for lunch but the being told “Thank you Daddy you’re alright to just hang with” is pretty priceless.

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  1. We also don’t pay for grades, but if Liberty (grade 2) gets all 4’s (the new A) on her report card she, and best friend of her choice, get an all expence paied trip to Chuckie Cheeze. Hell on the husband (who compairs the rat’s house with hell) but great for the kids.

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