Things I’m Thankful for in Los Angeles

Have I mentioned that I love Los Angeles? I do. And during this week of giving thanks, I am grateful for La Ciudad de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles for many reasons:
*My husband and I met and got married here (at the Los Angeles Police Revolver and Athletic Club)
*They make MOVIES here!
*There is no snow to shovel or ice to scrape (though a leeeetle more rain wouldn’t hurt).
*We don’t have tornadoes or hurricanes or blizzards.
*The city is so large that after 20 years here, there is still much for me to discover and explore.
*You can drive anywhere in the country from here! (Okay that’s true of all places in the continental US, but when you grow up on a rock in the middle of the Pacific and love to drive, it’s a huge deal.)
*There are amazing movie theaters here.
*There are two Trader Joe’s and a 24 hour pharmacy within about 1.5 miles of my house.
*The city doesn’t judge you. You are free to do your thing.
*I can find the best versions of my favorite kinds of food any time I want (Mexican, Chinese, Hawaiian)
*We have no family in Los Angeles — our circle of friends here IS family and I am grateful for all of them (even more these days).

I’m getting all misty eyed thinking about all this, even when it’s hard to come up with more specific reasons why I’m thankful for this city. I have history in this city, real, grown-up, painful, joyful, ugly, beautiful history and each time I visit a different part of town, I am reminded that I came here by choice and *live* here. And I am so glad the Angels of this city have taken such good care of us.

Vintage postcard found on a previous post about vintage LA from this very blog.

14 thoughts on “Things I’m Thankful for in Los Angeles”

  1. Er…we actually do have tornadoes here in Los Angeles. You might have not been here to see it, but the Militant remembers the tornado that destroyed a small chunk of the Los Angeles Convention Center during the big El Niño storm in 1983 (the sign said “ENTION CENTER.” More recently, there have been small tornadoes that have hit places in the South Bay. Even more recently, a waterspout was expected to touch land in Santa Monica back during our rainstorm in late September (it didn’t eventually). But they do happen.

  2. Although having grown up in Chicago, it’s a very different experience. It’s kind of like how in Chicago, they have earthquakes. But no one does seismic retrofitting there and no one has a storm cellar here.

    I had a dream once that I was in a home in the Hollywood Hills when a tornado was coming through. I had to drag the native Angelenos away from the window to safety because they didn’t realize that tornados were dangerous.

  3. Julia I’m with you on being thankful I am here. I especially like the free to be me part. You still have that freedom without veing ostracized in the process. Well that tolerance has faded some over the years since I arrived but its still way better here than some other places I have been.

  4. I especially enjoy how the city does not judge. I live in Toronto and visit my partner here monthly and I am loathe to return to emotionally shut down and icy Toronto.
    I adore that LA is so close to everything I love …ocean…mountains…Las Vegas…Mexico…and, of course, it is the seat of popular culture.

  5. Amen on the judgment issue. It’s pretty much impossible to be a freak in LA I think. We bear this in common with NY, but we have better weather and more space. You can live pretty much your whole life in LA without ever having to smoosh up against twelve other people.

  6. How funny, just the other day my 16yo was asked why she liked it here “because weird is normal”. I like that, then again she lives with me and I work hard to not be too normal.

  7. Right, I too grew up in Hawaii and am now living in L.A. – so where is the good Hawaiian food place in L.A.? I have yet to find good, real or authentic Hawaiian food here…

  8. Try places in Gardena — google Hawaiian food Los Angeles. In West LA there is a place called Rutt’s that did pretty good rice, kalua pig and cabbage. There is also a huge Hoolaulea in Gardena every July with ONO GRINDS! Get your plate lunch, manapua and malasada fix there every year.

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