The Writers’ Strike from the Other Side of the Coin

While I do support the writers in the present labor dispute, I’ve been feeling like perhaps not enough credence is being given to the producers’ point of view. It takes two to tango right? So, in the interest of fairness, having earlier posted a video clip from United Hollywood, I wanted to also share this one–with permission of ShootFirstInc–that gives the studios’ view point.

7 thoughts on “The Writers’ Strike from the Other Side of the Coin”

  1. Balance is good. I totally support this strike more so than most others, but this one we were beginning to look like pro-union shills which I am not. Nice find. It is more nasty sarcasm and tongue in cheek than I expected. Funny.

  2. Just because there is a resounding amount of support doesn’t mean we look like shills. Sometimes, right is right.

    I’ve tried long and hard to see the producers POV on this, and all I can come back with is greed combined with making a stand to look good to their stockholders. There is a ton of frivolous, unnecessary waste in the industry – not just among the suits, but the upper echelons of above the line crew – that if reeled in just a bit would easily cover giving the writers a fair part of the equation.

  3. I support the WGA in this strike as they have been reasonable in what they want and why. BUT balance is good too. I can’t understand the producers argument, Travis did right here by bringing balance.

    Cutter also brought some balance back in his post: We don’t have to agree with what anyone says on anything but bringing balance is what we need to do. Sometimes being bold like Cutter was here will get people to stop and think a bit.

    I like it when we have differences of opinion and how we present our stories here. A balance of stories keeps people looking at us as its not just one sided nor of a single voice.

  4. Yes, travis I got it. I wrote “more nasty sarcasm and tongue in cheek than I expected” it’s balance in that you’re getting a backhanded approach to the other point of view.

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