The L.A. River Gardens: The OMG Wedding Venue

Last week, when I posted about Grace Simons Lodge, there were a lot of helpful comments. Including one from 5000! about the L.A. River Center

We LIKED Grace Simons Lodge. We LOVED the River Center. It was like being in a small replica mission, something between the Avila Adobe and San Juan Capistrano. It was full of fountains and water, and, of course, an indoor River Interpretive Center. It had beautiful lawns and Spanish-style tiles and wrought iron candleabras over the doors. It had a beautiful high-ceilinged atrium for a reception, two charming courtyards for ceremonies, and a hidden, high-walled lawn and garden tucked away behind the buildings .But, most importantly, it seemed to me that this was a place close to the heart of the city, a place that celebrated the river that so many people forget is there.

The River Center is where the Arroyo Seco meets the L.A. River, just off the 110, in what I think is now Cypress Park. And I’ve added the photos to my L.A Wedding Venues set on Flickr.

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  1. It’s near the intersection of Figueroa and Ave 26, site of the Big Saver that carries Reynaldo’s Vegetarian Chorizo. You should note that this area is much more sketchy than the Lodge, as I tend to be a frequent visitor! ;)

  2. I remember going there with my parents to choose a wedding location when it was the Lawry’s. Place is beautiful, I would occassionally work there a few years back and appreciated when I had waiting time to walk around the facilities. I would guess weddings are expensive there, but it looks like a fun time. And el chavo is right about the nearby hood, too bad nobody visiting there ventures out at all, it is a bit pedestrian un-friendly. I don’t think I’d seen so many hueros in Lincoln Heights before.

  3. Check out Occidental College, too. They have two beautiful venues: The Alumni House and the Trustee’s House, I believe. We got married in the Alumni house rose garden, then had our reception on the patio under the trees. It was great — and the school provides a turnkey event, handling the cake,food and waitstaff.

  4. I went there when I was a little kid, when it was the Lawry’s California Center.

    As for OMG Wedding Venues, my wife and I got married at the Japanese Garden at Cal State Long Beach. We got raves from our guests about the location.

  5. Sounds like it would be a great place to check out. I’ll have to make a trip over there soon, you’re the second person that has mentioned something interesting to check out over in that area in the last couple of days. The other place is probably the opposite of somewhere you’d want to get married though, it’s a dive bar called Footsies.

  6. D’oh! Your River Center link is broken (missing an “h” at the front).

    Glad you liked it. I’ve been to a wedding there and it was pretty amazing, especially after the sun went down.

  7. The L.A. River Center is a hidden jewel of a location. The same goes for Cal State Long Beach’s Japanese Garden, I co-hosted a baby shower there, and the staff was great, garden fun for adults and kids. The only drawback (or advantage) is its limited guest capacity.

    One place I’ve been suggesting for weddings, is the recently closed Rialto Theater in South Pasadena. No picturesque gardens, but a great old movie palace that is just yearning to host that vaudevillian / movie-themed wedding.

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