Premium Attitude from a 1972 Tatra?

tatra.jpg Walking up to the faurecia space at the LA Auto Show I could not help but wonder what the deal was with that old Eastern Block car inside the giant glass cube. Granted it was nicely restored, but did it deserve a waiting line? Curiosity got the better of me and I broke one of my rules…I got in a line and waited.

I am glad I had a media pass as it got me in the cube. Having restored a 1972 Buick Centurion I know it’s hard enough to do it with readily available parts. Working with a 1972 Czech Tatra 603 it had to have been an even bigger challenge. More pics of their bits on their resto beauty after the jump.

They had to chop and create the suicide doors then go from scratch and build an interior. And what an interior the crafted. “Premium Attitude” is their theme for building the look and feel of premium autos. Even in not so premium cars coming at us now like the Chevy Malibu, Jeep Liberty or higher end like BMW X3 and the Caddy CTS. In the largest luxury car market in the world we know that attitude well, I think the delivered.

This car though beautifully restored and customized with suicide doors was done to just better show off the interior. It was drop dead beautiful, custom craftwork at its best. Ambient light is soft and diffused, lots of soft to the touch and eyes textures all over


The door panels and seats are real wood. They came up with a process on the zebrano wood pieces left from furniture making process where they can easily, economically (didn’t define that in $$$) with the look of silk with how the grain is handled. Very nice




It was obvious they were there to answer questions as well as pick our heads on our reaction for future planning. I too had a little bit of an agenda. I had to ask my “communication specialist” if this had a power train. She said not, this was to showcase the interiors only. She said it was really a study and demonstration on what they could do and where design is going in the luxury market. I asked if this was a study aimed at custom coach building like the Fisker group is doing. She smiled and said it wasn’t but they’d work with anyone.

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