Toasty day in Pasadena

This is my favorite time of year. Gorgeous blue sky and warm. Does it get much better in November? We’ll chalk this up as reason #94 why I love it in LA.

8 thoughts on “Toasty day in Pasadena”

  1. Fraz I am exactly the opposite. I love the warm weather, but there’s something just wrong with having to turn your airconditioner on when you’re driving to do Christmas shopping.

  2. I’m with you, Travis. I’m all for warm weather in the summer (I spent my early childhood in the San Fernando Valley, for God’s sake), but when we start creeping into late fall and I’m still sweatin’, I long for cold, clouds, and rain.

  3. See I grew up in the snow belt and the novelty of this kind of weather has never worn off. Travis…who said anything about the A/C on, am spending a lot of time just wandering about outside relishing the sunshine and warmth. Far better than the perpetual cold toes days of MN!

  4. Travis!!!! Seriously, we were separated at birth. (And now Helen too, apparently!)

    If it’s November, I should be wearing a sweater and snuggling into a hot cup of eggnog latte.

  5. Dude if it’s 94 I’ve got the air conditioning on.

    And yes, Julia, what I haven’t told you yet is that I am your long lost evil twin sister! Bwah hah hah hah hah…

  6. Well… isn’t the rest of the year like november? I mean… you have to be kidding… The weather in LA is the same all year around. How can the weather be perfect in a place where the weather never changes… I just came back from Chicago and I have to say that days were more confortable since it chilli and sunny at the same time. Here it’s hot even in winter, therefore it’s ONLY hot.

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