The $20 Project:: The Gilligan’s Island Haircut

I just moved to Encino relatively recently (well, within the last six months anyway) and I have to drive by the Galleria pretty much every day on my way to or from work now. Every time I do I toy with the idea of getting my hair cut at the Paul Mitchell school there. It’s a frighteningly cheap $10, but the catch is that it’s a school so your locks are being shorn by a student. When announced the $20 project it seemed a great excuse to finally check it out. Plus I was super overdue for a cut anyway.

I knew I was in trouble when my “future professional” didn’t know what a pixie cut was. “Kind of like Winona Rider,” I tried. Blank stare. “Let me go get a look book,” she said. Certainly she was earnest and careful. So careful in fact that every thing she did needed checking by and guidance from her “learning leader” who was in charge of a bazillion other future professionals, which meant lots of waiting for guidance and checking.

In the end, the haircut took three hours.

Let me say that again: THREE HOURS!!

I now refer to it as the Gilligan’s Island haircut because it was a three hour tour.

Before and after pictures after the break.

Because she was so earnest and because the haircut really is a good one, I tipped a ten on top of the ten for the cut, bringing my grand total to, yes, $20. Nonetheless, the moral of this story is that if time is money, this was no bargain.

Would I go back? Yes, because I do love the cut and I love a bargain even more. But next time I’ll bring a book.

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6 thoughts on “The $20 Project:: The Gilligan’s Island Haircut”

  1. I go to the Paul Mitchell school in Alhambra and it’s really hit or miss with the haircuts. However for $10, the shampoo and styling is worth it (I have long hair). If you can find a student you like, you can request them for future visits. 3 hours is almost average for a haircut at their schools.

  2. It looks great! But jeez, three hours. I’ve had dye jobs take that long. I hope it was a great learning experience for the student!

  3. The time is way more than I would endure. I like my local bimbo with scissors, $10 head and after 10 cuts your next is free.

    I admire your bravery to post your pic on here given the trolls willingness to attack us lately.

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