The $20 Project – How Much Knitting?

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Knitting can be a pretty expensive hobby, what with all the cashmeres and the hand-dyed yarns and such, so I wanted to find a project I could knit with $20 worth of yarn.

I found this great yarn at UNWIND in Burbank – Optimum dk weight, which even not on sale is only 5 bucks a ball. Four balls = $20. Lovely.

(Of course this presumes you have the needles already.)

So what can I make with it? I’ve chosen a small lace blanket/wrap – perfect for in front of the tv or on a plane. It’s wool so it’s warm but it’s light so it’s not oppressive.

I may not finish it by the end of the $20 Project, but here’s what I have so far and it’s turning out well. The cats love it too and it’s not even done yet.

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Blocking (when it’s all done) will stretch it out a bit and make it a lot wider and the lace will be more open.

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