The $20 Project – What Can I Shoot?

[about the only $20 shooting fun left – click to biggify]

Here’s another stab at The $20 Project – What can I shoot for 20 bucks?

We started shooting at the LA Gun Club way back in ’92 when we lived downtown and there weren’t a lot of ranges to choose from.

More than 10 years later this is still my favorite place to shoot. Great hours, nice place (certainly everyone’s polite!), good prices, and a wide range of guns to rent if you need one or want to try out a new one.

But shooting’s an expensive hobby, so here’s what little you can get for 20 bucks. Although it’s a lot more fun to shoot in a group, I’m pricing this for just me.

Range time is $12 an hour (second shooter $6)
Cheapest gun rental is $5.
Cheapest ammo is $8.98 for 50 rounds – BEEP! Over the limit!

The only way you can shoot a gun for an hour for under 20 bucks is if you bring your own gun and by ammo (still a buck over) or rent a gun but bring your own (previously purchased) ammo. Or pool two people’s $20 budgets.

the LA Gun Club
1375 East 6th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90021

a little pricier:

1060 North Lake Street
Burbank, CA 91502
(818) 954-9810
$18.00 for the first person
$9.00 for second shooter on the same line

3 thoughts on “The $20 Project – What Can I Shoot?”

  1. Wow thanks for sharing. I have a couple of kids that need to learn gun safety and how to handle a gun. Maybe we can make it a field trip one of these days.

  2. I like the Burbank Firing Line, though I wish we had a closer outdoor range so I could live fire my black powder guns & rifles.

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