The moment you realize you’re really an Angeleno moved to LA almost six years ago after a too-long stint in an upper Midwest college town. After eleven years in Wisconsin, LA was like the promised land. I can buy kosher hot dogs and great shoes here, and “diversity” means something more than a group of people with Norwegian and German ancestry. Most especially, it is sunny and warm in LA, and I live in the Valley where it is really warm. I moved here in January and promptly reset my Internet browser homepage to so that every morning when I logged on my computer the first thing I would see is, “Oh, what do you know? It’s four degrees and snowing in Madison right now.” Gloat. Gloat. course, every once in a while it would rain or generally gloom up in LA, and all of my native Angeleno friends would delight in the icky weather. “Oh, I love the rain,” they would say, or “Isn’t it great that it’s so overcast?” And I, having just spent the better part of eleven years in the Seasonal Affective Disorder capital of the world, would just shake my head with disbelief. After just a day or two of June gloom or January rain I’d find myself feeling like the Prozak poster child. As far as I was concerned, it could be sunny and 75 every day for the rest of my life and that would be just fine thank you. And so I surprised myself this week. Every morning I’ve found myself singing along to the radio on the way to work because…well, look at that beautiful fog. Isn’t it great that it’s so overcast? After six years, maybe I’ve finally made up for my Wisconsin-induced Vitamin D deficiency. In any case, I think I’ve turned an LA corner. (These lovely pictures, which get bigger if you click them, come courtesy Ken Justice, who also loves the fog.)

16 thoughts on “The moment you realize you’re really an Angeleno”

  1. You should never ever move to San Francisco.

    As a transplant from the Bay to Long Beach, I love the so-called June Gloom. It’s overcast enough to cast a moodiness and remind me of my beloved SF. But it isn’t so cold as to actually make me uncomfortable. I love it: warm fog!

  2. Funny, I thought I’d turned a corner as an Angeleno when I grouched about the fog.

    I moved here from SF a year ago and have spent much of that year griping about the sun shining so much. But here we have SF-like weather, and I’m finding it rather gloomy.

  3. holy crap! i spent 14 years in WI (4 in madison) and have been in LA for 9 years. I’m numb to traffic issues now (so that’s how I know i’m an angeleno!)

  4. Yuu know you’re an angeleno when fall’s arrival is signaled by the first time you get in the car and don’t turn on the A/C, and spring’s is announced when you do.

  5. The best part of having relatives in the snow belt is sending them pictures of our thermometers in Dec/Jan showing 80 or 90. I am the total turn in that February I send pics of it 70’s here knowing full well my cousin Duluth its -35 for the high. Hah!

    MA is right its more than the weather that makes LA, but damn when we have some worth gloating over it’s just the icing on the cake for me.

  6. Coming from the tropics, I was so happy to have the temperature drop below 70 and then I got to buy SWEATERS! I’m always pushing Fall, wearing sweaters way before it’s cold enough, but wanting it to be cold enough.

    I love the fog. I love El Nino years.

  7. I figured I was an Angelino when I had to pull over for a police pursuit. Twice. The idiot just drove around the block.

    Earthquake? Check
    Celebrity Encounter? Check
    Police Chase? Check.

    Ok, Can I have my LA passport now? :)


  8. legotech you made me laugh,once your in, you don’t need a pass port as you’ll never be able to leave, or want to. ITs like stepford wives only you get to keep your brain.

  9. I thought being a real Angelino was when family comes from out-of-town, want’s to go to Disneyland and you groan in protest.

  10. Travis, get yourself to Costco, grab the 4 visit pass for the price of about 1 1/2 visits. Get your fill during the year and you’ll be complete.

    Personally I go for the shock value when my out-of-towners arrive, Hollywood Blvd at dark was a highlight 15 years ago.

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