Bike path a losing battle? are even uglier than I thought in the struggle for control over the vandalized streetlights along the L.A. River Bike Path.

Here’s where we stand: The path’s fine streetlighting system is dark at night and dawn because thieves ripped out all the wiring.

The LA Department of Public Works Bureau of Street Lighting has coned off the vaults and is attempting to repair the wiring to no avail.

And they’re having a hell of a time staying ahead of the gremlins, reports Spencer, who just got a pingback on his complaint to the city:

This was the Bureau of Street Lighting’s response, via a Field Deputy who was responding to my email to LaBonge’s office …

“This condition is still due to the wire theft problem. The Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) and the lighting is provided by Street Lighting. Presently there are over 150 spans of wires missing. We first had to wait for the materials to start our repairs. Now that we have started our repairs, the thieves have started stealing the wires from our repaired section. The Bikeway overall has experienced a 90% loss of the wiring that we are aware of and we have only repaired approximately 9% to this date. The lights remain out due to the thieves stealing the feed wires as well. We expect our repairs to run through the next couple of months, or unfortunately longer. We are attempting to request additional personnel as the personnel we are presently utilizing are the same personnel responding to damages, outages, vandalized areas, etc. on the City’s streets in this Council District as well all of the other Council Districts. Also, we are requesting support from other City agencies as this is not only a Street Lighting issue.”

A little extra police support would be a good first step, but when they reinstall those vaults, they’re going to want something pretty substantial. Mere steel and cement ain’t cutting it.

One thought on “Bike path a losing battle?”

  1. This is really starting to piss me off!! I ride the bike path every night on my way home. I don’t do it for fun, I do it for transportation. What the hell do I pay taxes for?

    Why don’t they just weld the panels shut?! They did it in Yakima, Oregon because they realized that it was easier to grind welds when there’s a malfunction, than to try and keep up with the theives (which appears to be impossible).


    p.s. Thanks for continuing to post about this.

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