The $20 Project: Unintentional Perfection

I certainly wasn’t planning on contributing another to this series, and definitely with nothing as mundane as lunch today, but working late tonight and in search of a brief diversion something made me haul out my receipts just now from Jodi Maroni’s and Borders Books both in the mall across the street from where I work and dang if I didn’t stick the landing like I was aiming for it, except for that I totally wasn’t. Check it:

@ Jodi’s: polish sausage sammie, $4.49; small garlic fries, $2.79; large beverage, $2.29; combo discount, -$1.08; subtotal, $8.49; tax, $0.70; total, $9.19. (blurry receipt image here)

@Borders: Wild Fire * (Nelson DeMille), $9.99; tax, $0.82, total, 10.81. (blurrier receipt image here)

* A fan, I’ve been waiting for this, DeMille’s latest
bestseller in paperback since last winter!

Add the two: $9.19 and $10.81. Come on. No g’head, do it. Do it! Yeah, that’s right. Tah-won-tee Dah-lah, right on the money! And yes I am doing a lame deskchair version of the cabbage patch right now. OK, I’ve stopped. Now leave me, I’ve work to do.

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