(apologies to Reggie and Wil)

Walking near 4th and Spring this morning, I passed a parking lot where a crew was setting up for a shoot. Big Shots, I think it was.

On the corner, a knot of about 15 WGA protesters carried signs. With them was a burly man in a Teamsters jacket.

A grip was laying dolly tracks next to them. Things between the grip and the Teamster got heated.

The Teamster, appealing to Union solidarity, called the grip “Brother.”

The grip shouted, “You’re NOT my brother.”

Then they went nose to nose.

The 15 or so writers shrank back from the confrontation.

I don’t think anybody was actually shoved. Shortly thereafter, the Teamster walked away, back towards his hovering cohort.

The grip was left to continue laying his tracks, muttering.

4 thoughts on “STRIKEWATCH!!!!!111!”

  1. I have nothing to loss or gain (except for more time when I stop watching TV because everything will be re-runs) in this writers vs. producers showdown, but as a former union member (SEIU 660 and 535 and the ILGWU) and union worker (SEIU 434b) I am wondering about the other unions not honoring the picket line, what is up with that? Don’t they understand that they are next on the producers hit list?

  2. some of the unions (like the teamsters) have no-strike clauses in their contracts that forbid the union from also striking. it’s up to individual members to act as they wish.

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