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Yesterday my son became a member of LACMA. He is 18 months old and will be a member for free until his 18th birthday. He can get into the regular museum (everything but the special exhibits) with one adult for free for his entire youth.

I found out about the Nex Gen program last week from a friend of mine who works at LACMA, and yesterday we headed over with some friends who are in elementary school. All the kids joined and got badges, and after wandering through the permanent exhibit for a while we headed over to the Boone Children’s Gallery.


This place is incredible. It is full of supplies for children to create art, and places to display that art (kids may also choose to take it home). Our two friends and their parents used recycled cardboard tubes, styrofoam, fabric, beads, and paper to make some awesome art, while my son did what he loves most: built with blocks and swept the floor.

Boone is open every day except Wednesdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Their winter hours:
Monday 12 noon-6 pm
Tuesday 12 noon-6 pm
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday 9 am-6 pm
Friday 12 noon-9 pm
Saturday 11 am-6 pm
Sunday 11 am-6 pm

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