Ticket Giveaway: She Wants Revenge @ The Fonda – Friday 11/9


I have a weird fascination with She Wants Revenge. Almost all of their songs are identical. But I really like that song. They’ve been described as an homage (or a rip-off, depending on your inclination) of Joy Division, Interpol, and/or Depeche Mode. Again, but I like that song.

Listening to their new album, This Is Forever, has been eerie and insanely satisfying. Most of their songs came across at first as melodramatic teenage angst-fest, focused on minute detail of the uncomfortable parties, weird crushes, and lots of dance floor intrigue. But here’s the thing – when I WAS a melodramatic teenage angst-fest listening to the songs of Joy Division and Depeche Mode and, uh, not Interpol, those songs were the soundtrack of my life, and yet they weren’t really descriptive of my life. She Wants Revenge writes songs that described what it was actually like while I was listening to those songs. It’s so meta, it kinda makes my head swim.

And anyway, the songs have good beats and you can dance them.

We’ve got 2 pairs of tickets to give away for Friday night’s show. First two emails here wins them.