The $20 Project : Tale of Two Teens

potter.jpg I posed the question to my two teens:” if I were to give you $20 bucks what would you do with it?”. My oldest’s first question was “what is the catch, is it for metroblogging?”. “Yes, does it matter?”. She just rolled her eyes and said “OK, so I can do what I want with it?”. “Yes” I tell her. “Fine hand it over”.

My middle son asked me if there were strings. I said nope, its found money. I forked over the cash hoping I would to be surprised with how they spent it.

Off they went, cash in hand. Details on how they spent their 20 bones after the jump.

My middle took the easy route. Straight to his bedroom and added it to his Harry Potter hard cover fund. He is 2 bucks and change short for another in the series to add to his collection. He intends to save and work to convert the remaining paperbacks to hard cover. He didn’t really spend his money but I can’t complain as he put it to good use.

My oldest took the money and made a bee line to “California Nails” in Duarte’s Target Plaza. It is exactly $20 for the nails and tip. Her justification was simple, she’s saving for winter formal and hasn’t been able to afford getting her nails done since one of her babysitting jobs ended. It’s a luxury she can have back with some found money. (No pic available as she went to the football game, trashed them and didn’t want all of LA to see what they looked like).

There you go, they didn’t piss it away completely which was my pleasant surprise for the weekend. I don’t get the getting ones nails done somewhere when you can do it several times at home for the cost of a bottle of polish, but I just roll with it. My better half reminds me that pampering is a nice luxury. We all have different priorities.

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pic by me of his not so organized but well loved book shelf.

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