Afternoon Word Problem

A woman in a gold Toyota Highlander leaves the parking lot of Trader Joe’s on Hazeltine & Riverside in Sherman Oaks at 3:00 PM. If she travels East on Riverside at approximately 35mph, how long will it take her to reach Woodman if she drives with one hand, and eats her lunch with a pair of chopsticks in the other?

Image of proper chopstick handling technique from Rob’s World

3 thoughts on “Afternoon Word Problem”

  1. Well, probably not more than a couple hours, since the mass of the Highlander and the 35-mph speed pretty much rule out hospitalization, and even if swapping insurance cards and getting the Higlander towed takes a while, Hazeltine to Woodman is only a half mile, and you can walk that in 10-15 minutes easy.

    So, yeah, an hour or two, tops.

    (Unless she didn’t buckle up while eating. Then, all bets are off. Could be weeks.)

  2. With LA MapNerd I concur, although I must add that I possess manners (which means I do not eat in public; drinking is another matter) as well as metre-wide stride.
    Frazgo, ya shoulda considered “she” being a he; moreover, he mighta been Vag Davis. (In other words, be a little less than an asshole: some of us understand that “goyem”–or “goyim” for you americans–and “nigger” are equally derogatory.)

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