In praise of Uggs and flip-flops (kinda)

Simples, November 3I hate the things that pass for footwear in Los Angeles. People! Flip-flops are not appropriate for work! No discussion! And Uggs? IT DOES NOT GO BELOW 50 DEGREES. What the hell.


A train struck and killed two women in Riverside, and police think their high heels hindered their escape. I am not making light of their deaths – I think it is awful – but I do think footwear should enable you to walk, and even run, not just look good.

The story is here.

I thought I found this at Chez Shoes, but I don’t see it there now. So my apologies for the lack of attribution. Pictured are my extremely sensible and cute shoes in which I could theoretically run from a train. But I hope I never find out for sure.

11 thoughts on “In praise of Uggs and flip-flops (kinda)”

  1. I totally don’t get the whole Uggs thing. My oldest is 16 and as soon as the morning temps go below 60 she puts them on and wears them to school. Never mind it was 90ish several days last week, the Uggs went on with her to school as her feet were cold. And to think she actually wants to go to Minneapolis for Christmas some year. She will never survive.

    Back on track…it comes to doing anything for fashion not practicality. I am convinced we are the capital of shoe whores, some more blatant than others.

  2. I know how it sounds, but I’d rather be dead than wear Uggs, and reading the article it sounds like the women would have been killed no matter what their footwear.

    I wear high heels every day and am aware of all the bad things they do, not the least of which is keep you from running at top speed. But how often does something like this happen? Are you going to live an ugly, compromised life out of fear of one freak accident?

  3. Re: Ugs. It’s a look that’s much less harmful to us as a species than the shoulder-padded Paula Poundstone pantsuit of the 80’s. You ever see that flick Children of Men? Well they never explained it, but I’m pretty sure shoulder-pads were the cause of worldwide sterilization.

    Re: Flip-flops. Flops are absolutely appropriate for work. In fact, I’d say they’re appropriate for everything but funerals. Yes, they even manage in snow. You just have to be a talented walker.

    I love that we (the collective, “we”) wear furry boots when it’s sunny and flip-flops when it’s raining. Idiosyncrasies are wonderful. Practicality is for the Midwest.*

    *No offense, Midwest.

  4. I don’t see the practicality of flip flops, let alone heels.
    Neither provide toe protection. I tend to not feel too bad when flip flop wearers stub their toes – especially the second time around.
    Additionally, flip flops are really bad for your feet, and while comfortable, change your gait for the worse.

  5. I was very anti uggs until i tried a pair – and they are so comfortable, you can’t take them away from me no matter how ugly they really are! But, perhaps I have no fashion sense because I love my flip flops as well and even wear them to work.

  6. I agree with Ruth, if you’re going to die it’s better to die in heels than flip flops.

    I’m not even typing the other disgusting thing that passes for shoes.

    There are alot worse things you can do to your body than put on a pair of high heels.

    Smoking crack is worse for your body than high heels.


  7. I’ll argue that flip flops are the only comfortable footwear when you’re pregnant with swollen feet and ankles.

  8. The news story – so, so sad. The link didn’t come from me, but considering my negative feelings toward high heels, it should have. Years ago I decided that any shoe that I can’t run in does not belong in my closet. Run, as in make a getaway in an emergency, not run as in jog.

    Flip flops – personally I find flip flops to be as uncomfortable as high heels, and firmly believe they are appropriate in two settings: home, and the beach.

    Uggs – aptly named, as they are UGGly, but having never tried a pair I’ll reserve judgment. And considering that I find it too warm here to wear socks, let alone boots, I’m not likely to be trying them any time soon!

  9. When you grow up in Hawaii, slippers (the proper name*) were standard issue. But there were varying degrees of fancy slippers: junky rubbah slippah for around the house and beach, nice velvet strap, tatami slippers with your best mu’u mu’u (with tabis if it was cold.) (In a very un PC previous life as kids in Hawaii, we called them “jap slaps”.) I also wore geta in elementary school. I love them all. I miss kamaboko slippers the most.

    *if you are on vacation in Hawaii and don’t want to be pegged immediately as a tourist (expect for your pasty skin and rent-a-car) NEVER say “flip flop” or “sandals” or “go-aheads” or “shower shoes” or “thongs.” EVER!

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