Fresh & Easy Arcadia opens 11/8

FE.jpg I got the confirmation a couple of days ago Arcadia’s Fresh & Easy near the intersection of Foothill and 2nd Avenue is set to open Thursday 11/8. I haven’t been able to get the solid confirmation for Glassel Park but it too may open on 11/8. As soon as I have something positive I’ll let you know.

I found out that prior to the opening in Arcadia, Fresh & Easy got a list of local non-profit agencies. The new store employees will review the list and vote to decide who will receive $1,000 grants to help fund their programs. I think that it is terrific when a company contributes back to the community. Even better when they contribute before they even start sales and making a profit. A welcome wagon basket in reverse, what a great idea. (I can’t wait for them to get to Monrovia so I can make some nominations to groups who need help.)

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  1. Thought I would repost comments from 10-30 blog here since many may be interested in items from a F&E store purchased in Hemet and the video of an interior of a store.

    Went to the Fresh & Easy in Hemet. Checkout is all self-service with conveyor belts. Also they sell heavy duty plastic bags for 20 cents that if the bag wears out they will replace for life. Prepared food section is huge and appealing I would guess about 10-15 times larger than Trader Joe’s. The the fresh chicken bowls including curry (red or green priced at $3.99 for 17oz) and mango chicken looked great. I usually won’t eat prepared sushi but tried some spicy tuna rolls $3.99 for 8oz. I actually liked the sushi and the included expanding chopsticks were neat. The prices seem reasonable and are around the same or less than at TJ’s. In frozen section some Amy’s products along with private label goods. I will go back and think that their competition is about to be outclassed since the food really does look really fresh and is at a reasonable price. If you have not been to a similar European supermarket I think you will be surprised about the quality and appearance of pre-prepared ready to cook fresh items.
    Posted by: Russ at 90001 at November 2, 2007 10:30 PM

    An official video of inside a store has been posted. Notice their version of 2 Buck Chuck wine. I tried a F&E southwest salad today $3.60 for 12 oz. it was very fresh tasting with a folding spork and napkin in the lid under the label. It came with a ranch dressing though not the least bit spicy with ranch dressing, jicama, red peppers, corn, and what tasted like unprocessed chicken. Also the oatmeal raisin cookies are very tasty they were $3.49 for a pkg of 8.
    Video at F&E Blog
    Posted by: Russ at 90001 at November 3, 2007 12:21 PM

  2. In case anyone cares…Fresh & Easy is owned by an English supermarket company called Tesco. Tesco is a huge company on the scale of Wal-Mart (if you don’t believe me look it up). They are trying to come into the US market by playing on our neo-eco-friendly, small business leanings. I don’t blame them for their seemingly innocuous approach but in the effort of full disclosure…

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