Breaking International News: Emergency Rule declared in Pakistan

As you probably know this site is part of a global network of blogs and from time to time something happens that requires the attention of more than just the people in one specific city. Something like that is happening right now. We’re just getting the reports from our bloggers in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad right now but Emergency Rule Martial Law has been declared in Pakistan and the Press and Media has been ordered to cease broadcasting and STFU. The country is expecting a presidential address later in the day. Here are a few specific posts to look at, but keep checking the above links for the most up to the moment info.
– Karachi: Emergency Declared in Pakistan?
– Lahore: Emergency Rule – CONFIRMED
– Islamabad: Emergency Rule

I’ll be updating this post on as new links/info becomes available. OK, now back to your regularly scheduled blogging…

(quick update: the initial reports we heard were stating martial law, but in fact it’s Emergency Rule which is not quite as bad, though press has been cut off.)

5 thoughts on “Breaking International News: Emergency Rule declared in Pakistan”

  1. The behaviour of Musharraf has long been known: He has nuclear strike capability, is in place for no other reason than he is unquestionably better than something far worse (which means he is still dangerous, and is now proving to be worse than imagined), is unrepentant with former rulers, and is only playing the game about doffing his stars should he become president.

    While american forces are being wasted in Iraq and Afghanistan–and those residing in southern CA should appreciate the dearth of the weekend warriors, too many of whom were on the other side of the planet rather than being available to fight fires that were set in a reverse three pattern and which suggested a deliberate, possibly new, pattern of domestic terrorism–there are several areas to consider: China, what has been for a few years building up their naval forces; Australia, which has been facing a nearly eight-year drought of NO RAIN in many places; any given South Seas series, the very islands that the U.S. island-hopped to Okinawa 52 years ago; North Korea (do you really believe that Kim will relinquish that nuclear power?); Saudi Arabia, which remains all but overtly unrestrained; Egypt, seeking revenge; and Pakistan, whose nuclear weapon holdings and harbouring of Al Queda–not to mention badlands on the border that would make a Leoni spaghetti western being a Saturday morning prequel to Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm–is the one aspect that has only barely allowed him to hold favour with the U.S. and UK.

    In the background, there is Putin and his revitalised Russia, which is eleven time zones of almost unprecedented trouble.

    We now return to you your regular broadcast.

  2. This is a bit scary only because we do not have a president that can work well with foreign leaders and/or might not toss our rights out of paranoia. I’m not inclined towards doomsday, but I do think we need better leadership to make the world at a reasonable level of peace.

  3. The couple of reports I have seen refer to it as “martial law” with the suspension of their constitution. Does’t bode well for us. but some of our greatest wars involved religious dogma as support of invading and genocide. I’m not a doomsdayer either but anytime we have that kind of unrest and disregard for people bad things only get worse.

    For all we know the writers on the Karachi blog, and the commentors are using carefully crafted words to not open themselves up to worse prosecution.

  4. It’s wordplay for sure, but on the side of the government, not the bloggers. The govt has officially declared “Emergency Rule” and haven’t said martial law, though the govt is military. They could still declare martial law in the future.

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