Walk This Way

Last year, Franklin Avenue’s Mike Schneider decided to commemorate the 10th anniversary of his arrival in Los Angeles by organizing a group of friends and bloggers that took a little walk on Wilshire Boulevard November 18, 2006 — and by group I mean about 30 to start and by little I mean the 16 miles from where Wilshire begins in downtown to where it ends in Santa Monica. More than eight hours later some 15 or so made it the whole. damn. way.

Pretty much since recovering from that endeavor Mike has been percolating plans for a second annual across-town trek and just last week he announced all systems are go for “The Great Los Angeles Walk 2007” to take place November 17. But what thoroughfare would be traversed this time around? Would it be Santa Monica or Sunset boulevards?

glaw.jpgNah, Even better: “This year, we conquer Pico!” he said. And just like last year, anyone’s welcome to join him. The plan is to gather at a downtown point along Pico to be determined with a 9 a.m. start time and then spend the day migrating westward until the beach is reached. For the latest info Mike’s even dedicated a website – greatwalkla.com — to the endurance test. His wife Maria even came up with a cool logo, too (as pictured).