Are You Stiffing Metro? Take Action Anyways.

3327655-Metro-Los_Angeles.jpgDid you know that up to 5% of MTA riders are not paying the proper fare? Seriously. MTA says it may be costing them millions, according to last week’s Times article. If you’re in that 5%, this makes you a bad person. Then again, I wonder if those alleged millions are real, because how much would it cost to put in some sort of automatic ticket validating system on the Green Line, where 6% – 8% of riders do not pay the fare? Maybe MTA considers it a sort of donation to less privileged areas that do not have other adequate transportation?

Regardless of whether or not you are a good person who pays your fares, there’s an opportunity to chime in on the future of Los Angeles transit next week.

Meetings will be held downtown to allow transit users and downtown residents to submit comments on the connections between the rail lines downtown. How will the new extended Gold Line, the Blue Line and the Expo Line connect? Phone calls, letters and appearances at meetings will help determine just that. There are also meetings coming up for the Eastside Extension. If you want to get involved with transit, this is your chance to chime in. And if you don’t pay your fares, just don’t tell them that at the meetings.

4 thoughts on “Are You Stiffing Metro? Take Action Anyways.”

  1. Oh for a day pass that was only $3! Riding the metro (and knowing the correct fair) should be a prerequisite for writing about metro fairs…

  2. What I don’t understand is why we went with a “honor” system here. Wouldn’t it be a lot easier if we actually had ticketing turnstiles from the get go with maybe one or two attendants at each station that could actually give info and directions as well. It would allow for metro security and sheriff to actually focus their time on ensuring safety instead of hassling riders. Other large cities around the world with subsways don’t seem to have this same problem

  3. Coming from Chicago (and visits to New York and Washington D.C.) I was baffled by the “honor” system. I don’t understand why an attendant and a turnstile operation wasn’t chosen. If in fact this is costing Metro millions every year the implementation of turnstiles and attendents would pay for themselves eventually.

  4. Save the honor system! There’s something so sophisticated and ellequent about being trusted to pay one’s fare and not inspected at every boarding. What’s so wrong with personal responsibillity and honor??? The main reason we don’t have turnstiles is because they cost more money and slow down train boardings. I prefer law enforcement on board, rather than staying at the turnstiles, it keeps the loony toons in check. Besides, a turnstile never stopped anyone who could jump it.

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