Win Tickets to Battles at the Fonda Tomorrow!

>>>EDIT: Sorry kids, the tix all went within five minutes. You can stop e-mailing now.
battles.jpgI’m freshly off the plane from Seattle, still reeking of ozone-rich air and pine trees and rain, but I have to remember to tell you guys–HEY! OMG! We has ticketz! To Battles! At the Fonda! Tomorrow night! And like anarchic icing on the cake of Rock, they play with locals No Age, worth seeing all by themselves and whose DIY art-attack approach to….well, everything (not just music) is really inspiring.

Battles are one of the most refreshing things to happen to rock music since Trail of Dead’s “Source Tags & Codes.” If you haven’t heard them yet, go here and do so. Immediately.

The first three people to email me get a pair of tickets. No quiz this time, my brain’s too refreshed from the Seattle air to manage snark. PLEASE DON’T EMAIL IF YOU CAN’T ACTUALLY GO TO THE SHOW: 10/30 BATTLES with No Age @ the Fonda.

3 thoughts on “Win Tickets to Battles at the Fonda Tomorrow!”

  1. Ha! Well, it’s “aimed” at all respondents, if you think about it. But it was INSPIRED by a small cadre of individuals, six or so, you among them. ;)

    no worries, shizzle happens.

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