The Places You Find Yourself

Halloween is always interesting. You start out somewhere, with some people, drinking something. Maybe you’re wearing a costume. Maybe you just think you are. It’s where the night takes you that makes it worthwhile.

This past Saturday night, I found myself in a car with 4 women heading to a party in North Hollywood. Someone said we were going to The Compound. Sure, whatever.

What I found when I got there was my old fraternity house. Or what smelled like it. Faucets that did not work, An attic room above a hallway. A tree house. A half-pipe. A school bus where some dude and his aquarium live.

Everyone was there. Castro. Waldo. Amy Winehouse.

Two girls dressed like t.A.T.u., wearing name tags of “Jack” and “Jill,” collected beer money in a baseball cap. Amused, I gave them a $20, for a keg that would never arrive.

I would later find out that the strange inhabitants of The Compound aren’t just a couple of WTFs. They’re also mechanics. Skaters. Rockers. And designers? Yeah. The Compound is home to Elmer Avenue, “One-of-a kind artwork on one-of-a-kind jackets, made in Los Angeles, CA USA.”

You guys are one-of-a-kind alright. Let me know when that keg arrives.

Photo from Elmer Ave. They make clothes. And they know how to party.

One thought on “The Places You Find Yourself”

  1. I found those parties were usually the best to arrive at. Some of my happiest yet fogged over memories were from just those kind of nights.

    My favorite fog night started in weho. Somewhere along the line parked on a sidewalk to get to a liquor store on Sunset near the junction. It was robbed, we split. Did the party for hours. It was a theater groups party of some sort. It ended up with me getting a ride to my friends house in weho with a korean girl and a latin dude. Neither of which I had ever met.

    She didn’t have a license and borrowed someones car. She had us sb on the nb side of the 101 and somehow got him to his apartment somewhere by USC (I think that was the area, I just remember big towers then a stadium). Next I know she bounced us off a few thingys and I crashed at my friends house.

    I don’t remember much about what I did that night but it was fun. Somewhere along the line parked on a sidewalk to get to a liquor store on Sunset near the junction.

    As long as its a pleasant memory run with it.

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