Need. New. Home.

I’m looking for a new apartment. But, my many personalities can’t agree on what we want. We want an industrial loft with oversized windows in Downtown L.A. We want a cool hipster joint in Hollywood. We want a historic Victorian in Echo Park. We want a place close to the studios.

The one thing that all of my personalities do agree on, is that we want a place that is easily accessible to public transit. We don’t believe in buses, because they get stuck in traffic too. We want a place near a Metro Rail station. Within walking distance. Near bars, and coffee houses, and theaters.

And we want all of this for less than $1200 a month.

Sure, we’d love to buy a loft overlooking 8th & Broadway, or Hollywood & Vine, but none of my personalities have that kind of cheddar.

Your assignment today is to submit suggestions. The dwelling must include ALL of the following:

1) Location between Downtown Los Angeles and the NoHo Arts District
2) Walking distance to a Red Line station
3) Rent for $1200 or less, give or take a few bucks
4) Parking for a car that I will never use

We’re serious about this. We want to move, now. My personalities need your help.


11 thoughts on “Need. New. Home.”

  1. Multiple personalities need big places might I suggest a multi-unit apartment jungle so you have a friend for each personality?

    Either that or try a quick hit of trazadone for a reset and work with the personality that wakes up first.

  2. wow, i just turned in my deposit on a studio and art space that matches that exact description!

  3. Check out the Picadilly at

    Right near the Wilshire/Normandie stop. Walking distance to a fun karaoke bar, a bunch of restaurants, and some other stuff…

    Parking isn’t included, but a one bedroom goes for about $995 and to park in the nearby garage is only $95 a month.

  4. Highland Park, Lincoln Heights or Boyle Heights. Check where the rail lines go; it’s the gold line, but it’s not that far-flung. There are bars a-plenty, markets and bakeries. It’s still low-priced.

    I will now run away while EL CHAVO! yells at me for contributing to the gentrification the neighborhood.

  5. Don’t hate on our busses. If you live on the Red Line you’ll find that many more destinations are just a quick transfer to a Rapid bus away. For example how else are you going to travel down Wilshire or Santa Monica Blvd? And really if you only have to go a short distance a bus might be quicker and less tiring especially since all Red Line stations have like 5 flights of stairs from the surface to the platform.

  6. Los Feliz/Little Armenia of coure! Find a place that is either close to the vermont/sunset or hollywood/western. It is a 15 minute walk for me so I either use the dash or just take my bike and park it at the station.

  7. w/Google Maps :) You can map apt positions in relation to metro stations. I hated having to pay the money for the subscription to WSR service, but I found a great place (Little Armenia, between Hollywood & Franklin, with parking!) within 12 hours of subscribing.

  8. “wow, i just turned in my deposit on a studio and art space that matches that exact description!” cutter

    Does it have a trap door that leads out to the street?


  9. Hey jozjozjoz and cutter… or even Jason Burns if these two people have e-mailed you in private… Any chance anyone wants to be kind enough to share these “secret” and amazing locations that fit Jason’s descriptions exactly??

    I mean, understandable you don’t want to make public a private gem, but cut me some slack, I’m a soon-to-be college grad (b.a. fine arts = huge piles of money… right?) and am basically looking for the exact same thing Jason is. If anyone could give me any more of these specific pointers (especially because I am an out-of-stater, and 4 years in college can only teach you so much about the cool parts of town), that would be fabulous (thanks Adam, the Picadilly is a great starting point).

    I’ve definitely checked out/will continue to check out west side rentals, but if you have specific areas of town to look at (which jozjozjoz and cutter seem to have) or specific apartment complexes I would be very very grateful.

    -Jessica (jdruxman at gmail dot com)

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