Help a soon-to-be unemployed writer with a Halloween costume

Over on AskMetafilter, a pro-strike lady has a concept for her Halloween costume, but is soliciting help on the actual execution:

I’m thinking of being the 2007 Writer’s Strike for Halloween (because, you know, November 1st will be pretty scary for us WGA members living paycheck to paycheck.) Now– how to make this snarky, intangible and in-joke-ridden costume idea a reality?

One clever, literal reply suggests going as professional bowler with the name “Writers” embroidered on the shirt beside a ribbon for a perfect score.

Another takes advantage of her being female, recommending she dress up as “a ‘Deal or No Deal’ girl! That’s sexy! Suitcase and all. Open the suitcase: A Variety front page with some Variety-esque headline (WRITERS: ‘MORE PAY,’ STUDIOS: ‘NO WAY’) .”

I suggested a few, but I think the winner would be to dress up as an out of work brass brad (if that sounds esoteric its because you’ve never written a script).

Any other suggestions for this lady, or other clever “LA-centric” costumes ideas?

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