Sculpitechture: Hover Craft

One of the things I love about my neck of the woods is that about twice a year the courtyard at 1619 Silver Lake Boulevard something new and unreal gets installed. Such is the case with Materials & Applications current project called Density Fields, which went live October 12 and definitely puts the “can” in cantilever.


From the M&A website:

An “extreme cantilever” built from aluminum and polypropylene rope will hover over the courtyard of Materials & Applications (M&A) in Silver Lake, Los Angeles. This structure is an outdoor installation created by SCI-Arc professors Dwayne Oyler and Jenny Wu, called Density Fields. Defying classification as either sculpture or architecture, the piece will flex with a gesture that extends imaginary lines of force beyond the small courtyard, seeming to pierce buildings and features in the neighborhood.

Flickr photoset here.