WYM* last night: The Upper Crust!


*WYM = What You Missed

Last night The Upper Crust, the best band in the world (okay One of the best bands) took the stage at Safari Sam’s in Hollywood, and YOU MISSED IT.

As usual, they were awesome.

Lord Bendover really knows how to work the crowd, and don’t let this picture fool you – drummer Jackie Kickassus is ROCKING, not sleeping!

(Me, I love Count Bassie – that persistant scowl gets me every time!)

From their website:

While their contemporaries looked with scorn upon the “infernal racket” produced by the Duc d’Istortion (lead guitar, mezzo soprano), Count Bassie (bass guitar, castrato), Jackie Kickassis (drums) and the Lord Bendover (guitar, basso castrato), time has proved the still-vibrant and irrepressibly vital Upper Crust entirely and triumphantly right and their critics, never well favored in the best of times, completely and quite idiotically wrong.

The Upper Crust have thus far, in the modern age, released four recordings, “Let Them Eat Rock”, “The Decline and Fall of the Upper Crust”, “Once More Into the Breeches”, and “Entitled” – a catalogue that exemplifies their quest for perfection in the field of Rocque and their quite natural preoccupation with the travails of a life of privilege and the many misunderstandings-at times humorous, at times tragic, but always infuriating-that invariably accompany it.

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