Halloween lighting contest update

pubshanefyhdr8bvp.jpg I wrote about my neighbor Shane’s Halloween decorations HERE at the beginning of the month. A bit more is up and a bit more is scheduled. The likelihood of the inflatables not going up until the threat of Santa Ana’s is over given the stout breezes we’ve been getting. Still no word on his standing in the Monrovia city sponsored decorating contest.

Pic by me, shot just after dusk with HDR in mind, post processed and tonemapped with the Photomatix plug in. Get’s a bit bigger with a stroke of the mouse and a click.

2 thoughts on “Halloween lighting contest update”

  1. I wish the DWP would do a Halloween Lights display in Griffith
    park like they do for Xmas time. Maybe even have chainsaw wielding maniacs run out at your car as you drive by, corpses swinging from the trees and zombies rising from the golf course!

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