Win Tickets to Video Games Live… Nerdgasm!

When future generations excavate the buried ruins of these primitive times, they will undoubtably draw many amusing conclusions about what lilfe was really like in our society – the gods we worshipped, the food we ate, the games we played, and the music we listened to.

What will they make of the theme song for The Legend of Zelda or Sonic the Hedgehog? I’d like to think that those enlightened future beings will find the simple melodies familiar simply because they’ve lasted that long. In the past four years, video games have become so mainstream even your girlfriend plays them (well, mine does), and I challenge you to find one person who doesn’t know the first seven notes of the Super Mario Bros. music.

Video Games Live is proof of just how far gamer culture has come. From their press release:

Video Games Live is an immersive concert event featuring music from the most popular video games of all time. Top orchestras & choirs perform along with exclusive video footage and music arrangements, synchronized lighting, solo performers, electronic percussionists, live action and unique interactive segments to create an explosive entertainment experience!


Tunes from Metroid, Pac-Man, TRON, Final Fantasy, Halo, and Monkey Island, will be performed, plus there’s gonna be a sweet Classic Arcade Medley “featuring over twenty games from Pong to Donkey Kong, including such classics as Dragon’s Lair, Tetris, Frogger, Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Gauntlet, Space Invaders, Outrun and more.”

Guys, if you’ve been wanting to ask out that girl you keep seeing at the coffee shop or at work, now’s the time.

Ladies, this is your chance to show your man you’ve got class but aren’t afraid to admit that short Italian plumbers who run around stomping on mushrooms are cool.

You can buy your tickets here, or if you want to go for FREE you can answer this question:

If you could turn your LA experience into a video game, what would it be?

For instance: Mine would be Road Bike Rush Hour. You get points based on how many waiting cars you pass in traffic while riding your bike down Sunset Boulevard!

Post your replies in the comments section. I have one pair of tix to give away, and on Wednesday I’ll pick the winning idea!

6 thoughts on “Win Tickets to Video Games Live… Nerdgasm!”

  1. My LA experience “game” would consist of Link rolling out on Epona with his archery gear to Century City, where I, I mean he–Link, would take on the CAA Deathstar (a.k.a. the final dungeon). It would be just like the end of Ocarina of Time, except there’s way more evil at CAA but I–Link–would totally have loads of Light Arrows of legend. And I would get so many rupees from destroying shitty sequel scripts to Saw and Rush Hour and Cheaper by the Dozen. The name of this game is “What I am Going to Do Tomorrow in Real Life.” Eat it Ganondorf Richard Lovett. So do I get the tickets or what?

  2. GTA: Los Angeles! Even though they already did LA in GTA: San Andreas, I’d love to see a full scale model of the city of LA. Down to the last tree. And LA isn’t LA without traffic. I just want to see my house in a game haha.

  3. MetBlog Los Angeles: The Game
    My game would be a 1st person style game. I’d walk around all the well known LA attractions doing different tasks.
    The first task would be running through the hills all around Los Angeles putting out wildfires that spring up. The main goal trying to save the Griffth Park Observatory from burning down, so that I can pay $10 to park off-site and take a school bus to pay to see the observatory.
    Once that goal was complete, I would then have to try to plant enough trees to prevent the mudslides from STORMWATCH 2007!!!!!11!!1!
    If I completed that goal safely I would be allowed a bonus round, which would be a night out on the Sunset Strip, (maybe Saddle Ranch?) then a fat chili dog from pinks.
    The next level would be more challenging. I would have to wander all the parking lots trying to prevent all the parking tards from being parking tards! I’d have to move all the SUVs from the 5 compact spots they take up. When I found one, I’d have to take a picture of it and post it on my XBox Live account for others to see and agree with me that, Yup….they’re parking tards!!
    If I pass that, I get another bonus level letting me go out for some late night coffee….only to realize there are no late night coffee stops to write my screenplay…causing me to lose points…and my job.
    The end of the game would be a rush hour dash to my home in the Hollywood Hills from Santa Monica. I would have only 45 minutes to get there. Then just as I reach my street, the big boss would be a movie crew shooting across from my house, preventing me from getting in my driveway. At the very end I battle with director Steven Speilberg for permission to park in my own driveway.

    Or something like that….. :-)

  4. I’m torn between two ideas

    First idea- Rush Hour LA (basically, Crazy Taxi but in LA, and instead of picking up fares, you would be trying to commute to work. For character choice, you play as different jobs, like PA (basically, drive around picking up coffee, actors, scripts, etc), Actor (drive around to different castings, schmoozing, etc), or Hipster (drive around to different clubs and record stores and earn “social” points.. (like hipsters have real jobs!). High speed crazy driving on LA freeways and roads all to a rock and roll soundtrack!

    The other idea would be “Tranniez,” a bit of “Simz” meets GTA, where you either are or start off taking care of a trannie hooker. You start out on the street, and by turning tricks, you can upgrade your outfits/makeup/ services rendered, or even make enough to get a sex change operation! You can either play as the tranny hooker or as the pimp and manage a whole bunch (a whole new level of gameplay)! A true hollywood experience…

    : D I should totally be pitching these to EA…

  5. I’d go with DDR: Driving Driving Revolution.

    You’re in the car, bumping your favorite tunes (AC/DC, Chopin, Joplin, whatever) as various cues to rhythmic action approach, like arrows in a more familiar dancing game: scooting past a yellow on Wilshire as the key changes, flipping on a turn-signal and dodging a stopping bus in pure syncopation, trying to make it into the carpool lane as the singer holds that loooooooooooooong note (hopefully you have a second player with you), and of course, as the music reaches a dizzying climax, you find a parking space right up front and shut the car off.

    Or, you get stuck behind some mook waiting to go straight in a right turn only lane as your rhythm and patience fall apart.

    That’s how I like to commute, anyway.

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