What’s that green stuff?


I’m pretty sure this is a new development in this section of the fire-destroyed area of Griffith Park. I’m talking about most of the hill shown in the right half of this picture (Observatory in left half for reference).

Help me out here – what’s the green stuff?

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  1. I just noticed that today.

    It’s a stabilizing coating they use, usually on the sides of highway embankments. Usually it has some sort of gel in it that keeps things in place (it’s often activated by water, so the rain may have made it more visible). Sometimes they’re impregnated with seeds to start some groundcover as well.

    I’m not sure why they go for the silly green color … they’re not fooling anyone with that!

  2. From Tom Labonge’s office email update :

    Hydromulching has begun in Griffith Park. This artificial-looking green
    organic substance is being sprayed over the denuded hillsides charred by
    the fire of May 8 and 9 from ground apparatus and by helicopter. The
    covering, described as a kind of “pie crust” laid over dirt, has
    been used before in other burned areas to hold the moisture and help
    prevent erosion and mudslides during and after rainstorms. The Dept. of
    Recreation and Parks has made this a priority so that the hydromulching
    is completed before the rainy season begins in earnest in
    December/January. Helicopter operations that begin tomorrow (10/13/07) are expected
    to take a total of eight days; the balance of the work should be
    completed in the next couple of weeks. We are working to ensure that
    trails are reopened as quickly as possible once the work is done.

  3. I knew it was something like that – but I also knew you guys would help me out with the real answer.

    So thanks!

  4. It’s Jesus vomit.

    You know when it rains and it’s sunny they call it the devil beating his wife (any southerners out there?) well when there is a fire in an especially sinful part of the world (LA, New Orleans, Paris) a green coating covers the hillsides, to let everyone know that is what your insides look like when you don’t go to Mass on Sundays.

    Or maybe what Allison said.


  5. I understand as well the hydromulch can have fertilzer and seeds to help reseed in some applications.

    Browne’s version is at least entertaining.

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