Top O’ the Pump TV


Spotted this while gassing up in Hollywood. I guess cruising out in public is just an invitation for massive media assault advertising these days. You can’t just look away, there’s LOUD sound too.

Pump Top TV. Yeah!

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  1. I have seen these top-pump screens at service stations on way out on Foothill Blvd (8000 block, near councilmember Wendy Greuel’s office) in TUJUNGA for a few months now, while winding my way out to strange places in Shadow Hills and Sun Valley. They are only now getting out to Hollywood?
    At least you can drive away after a few minutes’ annoyance. Try one of the MTA buses, where I have been recording the TransTV behaviour for nearly a year now. In the small hours, the broadcasts are LOUD. There are either motion or sound-sensitive controls that prompt the volume to respond dynamically. There are many problems, such as not stopping when the bus PA-cum-puter announces the next stop or that a stop has been requested. And then there is the dreaded loop that will repeat several times an hour, which is a relatively short ride on most any MTA bus.

  2. The local Shell Stations have had it for a while in my ‘hood. You get NBC4 morning show lite. At least the smell of the raw gas makes it enjoyable.

  3. They’re in Monrovia too. They play continuously, but start a little routine once you start pumping gas. “Hello, and welcome to Screw You Gas…”

    Annoying as hell, particularly since I’ve got absolutely no interest in the stupid shit they are promoting (usually NBC programming).

  4. I don’t advocate vandalism, but I imagine that the speakers in such noisy contraptions appear to be highly succeptible to the so-called “pointy-stick” attack.

  5. Ahhh. pointy stick attack. I like it. I like it.
    Maybe if enough consumers physically protest, these irritating things will go away because they are too expensive to maintain.

  6. Tammara,

    John Cleese recently sold his Santa Barbara mansion, so I doubt that there shall be any “pointy stick attacks.” And with the on-coming drought, only a fool might waste a statement with dangerous fruit.

  7. If we get cheaper gas, then fine, I’ll watch a commercial. Otherwise, I agree (hypothetically ;) with the “pointy stick” philosophy.

  8. Yeah, it is pretty horrible, especially when it is late at night and you are alone and out of nowhere you hear a high screechy voice trying to encourage you to watch a show that will inevitably be canceled. Maybe it’s a form of brainwash?

  9. Wilton and Hollywood? Ah yes, I noticed this too.

    It didn’t bother me so much. It is something to do while standing there at the gas pump and it isn’t all advertising, but little news breaks as well. It does feel a little more and more like the Max Headroom world of blipverts and network saturation, but, hey, that’s life twenty minutes into the future! :)

    The noise doesn’t seem to be scaring away the skaters that hang out there.

  10. Buses, grocery store check-out lines, now this….when will it end? When they implant a tiny television chip to play on a constant loop in our heads?

    I’m over it. I need some peace.

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