“semi”-open mike call to musicians

MafaColorBlocks-1x1.jpg Call to musicians. Got an hour or two this weekend and a new song or two you would like to share with the community at large? The Monrovia Art Festival this weekend is looking for musicians who are interested in dropping by, sharing their music during this weekends Celebrate the Arts. The event is held in Library Park at the north end of Old Town Monrovia from 10AM to 6Pm Saturday and Sunday.

It’s a pretty easy format, limited resources like electricity so bring your own. Acoustic performances would work best. Your music needs to loud enough to be heard in the park, not 2 blocks away. Content is wide open, but if you drop the “f-bomb” it won’t fly as we do have many young families and kiddies in the park. What you get is access to a crowd to show case your music. If you have your own CD’s you are welcome to sell them there while you are performing.
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Drop us a note with your name, phone and time you’d like to perform. We are looking for music from noon to 4pm so you have time to sleep in as well as clean up to get to your gigs that evening. The group’s email addy is [email protected] The other option is call us during normal business hours 626-256-3124. Either way you’ll get a response from us to make it happen.

Final bit the Monrovia Art Festival Association is a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization. As a bit of disclosure this is a group I work really hard for as its mission is to bring art to the community and fund art education in our schools.