It’s RIDE-Arctober, Boo-Thousand-Seven’m sitting here squirmy with eager and giddy anticipation over this Friday’s RIDE-Arc ride, but other than painting that disconcerting word portrait, I’m not gonna hype this event hard here other than to say if it’s anything like last October’s fest then it’s not to be missed and you’ll remember its uniqueness for the rest of your life.

It will depart at 9 p.m. from the plaza on the south end of Olvera Street downtown on an approximately 20-mile route that is certain to include ridiculous access to otherwise inaccessible places (think: dead people), where you’ll need to be on your best behavior and you’ll need to fork over $2 to cover the costs involved. You want additional particulars, go to the RIDE-Arc site and read all about it.

My Flickr photoset from “Los Angeles Muertos,” RIDE-Arc’s Boo-Thousand-Six edition is here.