if you can read this, you probably have power.

As if it’s not bad enough to be suffering through the heatwave from hell, 60,000 of our fellow Angelenos are currently doing it without the benefit of electricity.

According to KNBC:

About 26,000 Los Angeles Department of Water and Power customers remained without service around the city, said Kim Hughes of LADWP.

Outside the city, outages affected some 33,700 customers served by Southern California Edison, according to the utility.

My friend Ryan is among them, and he’s been without power for sixteen hours. That’s just plain wrong, goddammit. We’re still living in the future, right? Get with the program, DWP!

If you’re reading this, you probably have power and it’s not an issue. But if you know someone who could be in trouble if they get overheated, like the elderly, small children, or bitchy bloggers, you can call 877-435-7021 to find out the location of your nearest cooling center.

Make the Heat Work for You

Nicole of Baking Bites tried out the old “it’s hot enough to bake cookies in this car” trick yesterday.

The interior of her car reached 180 degrees! (If that’s not enough to convince you to not leave your pets in your car, I don’t know what is.)

Though the cookies don’t get golden brown, she can attest that they do get fully cooked.

So, if you lament that your car at work isn’t covered during the day, maybe you’ll feel better coming back to it knowing there’s a baking sheet filled with gooey cookies.

(Too complicated but wanna make something in your car? How about sun tea in a nalgene bottle?)

Parking Lament


I’ve heard that in London, people have been known to bequeath parking spots to people in their wills, as part of their estate. When I moved back to Los Angeles after a year and a half in San Francisco, I thought to myself, “Wow, I can’t complain about the parking in L.A. anymore, it’s nowhere near as bad as San Francisco.”

Yeah, well, it’s bad enough.

Other than that year and a half in the Bay Area, I’ve lived in this building in the middle of Hollywood almost ten years. Now I’m up to my eyeballs in Boxes and Clutter; I have to move ’cause my parking went away.

Hear how parking has forced me from my home after the jump.
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Win Tickets to Spoon!

spoon.jpgOne of what are, for me, a bazillion reasons to love Austin: Spoon comes to the Fonda on Wednesday the 12th. I can think of few better reasons to be zonked at work the next morning. The Fonda’s a nifty venue because it pairs two qualities that don’t often meet: an intimate size that allows you to work your way up close to the band PLUS a larger venue’s good sound and lighting. It also has a large venue’s costly bar. Skip the bar altogether and you can avoid the weird smell that seems to pervade the bar area in general. It’s pretty atrocious.

Okay, on to the Spoon tickets. You must answer THREE, count them THREE questions correctly, and email me your answers. DON’T POST THEM IN THE COMMENTS, YOU WON’T WIN. I am, at this moment, at Burning Man (hooray for scheduled posting!) but as soon as I’m back I’ll notify the first two correct responders. You’ll each get a pair of tickets.

1. Where did they play the last time they were in LA?
2. With whom did they play, that time?
3. What “drop-D metal band” does Britt sing about (that is, what does he say its name was?), what’s the name of the song in which he sings about it, and can you take a guess as to which *actual* band he may have been referring to?

I know, that last one’s kinda actually a bunch of questions. I’m a jerk.

Happy 226th Birthday (belated)!

I’m sorry I missed your birthday, Los Angeles, but I’ve been too busy melting as I travel to and through various parts of you.

I’m here for you, though. My nearest and dearest, on the other hand, decided they would travel to other cities instead of stay here with you. Don’t feel so bad though; comfort yourself with the fact that these idiots went to Las Vegas and Arizona, places which are much, much hotter.

If it’s any consolation, we celebrated your birth by watching Inland Empire, outside in the yard, on a projector. We had some beers and cursed at the mosquitoes eating our legs. I’m just sorry for not getting you any cake.

One More Film Shoot You Don’t Need To Complain About

Happy Labor Day everyone! Hope you are staying out of the heat somewhere.

Though it wasn’t up to me, there is one less movie shooting on the streets of LA this fall and I’m working on it. I’m off to our nation’s capital (that’s Washington DC to you, Miss South Carolina Teen USA) for a few weeks and so I’ll be guest posting with our esteemed blogger colleagues there. I know what you’re thinking: I’ll miss all the lovely dry heat out here. In fact, it will be hot plus humid (joy) out there AND I get to stand around all day in it. Silver linings? Thunderstorms that are more regular than in LA and a coooooool hotel room to return to each night.


(If you’ve never been on or near or around a movie set before, it can be pretty dull 90% of the time. (And yes, I’d still rather be working in the movies than anything else.) The photo is one I took last week while we were on a “tech scout.” A tech scout is when all the department heads on a movie go to different shoot locations and discuss details of what will be shot, how it will be shot and many new details not found in the script, all from the director’s mouth. It looks pretty ineffecient, but somehow it alll works. Oh, and techcinally, this photo was when we were in Baltimore.)

Stay cool LA, I’ll see you soon.

A Poor Man’s Koyaanisqatsi :Cumulo-Nimbus

With the current heatwave baking Los Angeles and producing some awesomely towering cotton candy cumulo-nimbus (one of my favorite words) cloud formations in the northeasterly skies these last few days, I took the risks 1) of falling off the roof of our Silver Lake house, and 2) of melting my laptop and digicam under the sun’s relentless rays by setting them up on the steeply pitched thing for this morning-to-night timelapse capture of the puffy stuff as it happened Sunday above and beyond the Verdugo Mountains in the distance. It’s about 9.5 hours condensed into a coupla minutes. The only thing missing is a Philip Glass soundtrack.

And if you’re jonesing for some more timelapsification, after the jump check out the spectacular night-blooming San Pedro cactus flower I caught in the act in mid-August.
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Beckham is Injured – Hurrah!


Finally, an end in sight to the incessant media machine regarding the new LA Galaxy player David Beckham, since he is now injured and likely out for the season. What a relief. I’ve been watching this whole BS media fascination with the new celebrity in town, and groaning every time some reporter uses the term “bend it like Beckham” as if it was some sort of clever turn of phrase. It ain’t, it was a title for a movie. Besides, everyone knows that nobody bends it like Roberto Carlos. Reporters on the Beckham beat have been either average, lazy, or exuding the feeling of being stuck on a story they don’t want to cover. Here’s some ideas to spice up your next Beckham report when you rekindle an interest in the Galaxy next year: ‘Dribble like David’, ‘Push it like yer Posh’,’Yay, New Guy on the Team’, and maybe ‘Pretty Face Returns to Foreigner Sport’. Any of those crappy tag lines might have been a bit more tolerable, at least they might indicate some sort of original take on DB’s arrival to the LA Galaxy. Instead, all we got was non-stop celebrity coverage (where will they live? who are their friends? what will she wear?) that heavy wet blanket which covers everything related to the mundane and needless, and avoids the most basic of information. Hardly anyone mentioned his position as midfielder, a crucial spot but one that isn’t necessarily expected to make goals: the most goals you can expect from Beckham will probably be from set plays and free kicks, hardly the stuff of celebrity heroes.
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Power Outage near Universal City

As we were leaving Universal Citywalk earlier tonight, the power (street lights, traffic lights, etc) were out at Buddy Holly at Lankershim & on Cahuenga around that area.

If you need pass that area, you may want to avoid it if you can.

People in LA do not know how to drive through intersections when the traffic lights are out.

Wee Little 4.7 Quake in Lake Elsinore / El Cerritos

Not enough to make the dog get up from her spot in front of the fan. But enough to make me go, “shit!” Thinking maybe this would mean more loss of power.

But as soon as the word escaped my mouth, the earthquake was over.

Anyone else feel it?

UPDATE: Wow, much bigger than I expected. There’ll be coverage on this. 4.7 in Lake Elsinore.
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Pavilion of Wings Ending Monday


A good friend from Vancouver came to visit a couple weeks ago. She’d been to visit me before, and had no problem amusing herself by wandering around Los Angeles’ museums and attractions. But she came back after her first day extraordinarily happy, because she had found a butterfly garden outside of the Science Center.

I wondered, butterflies? We don’t have a butterfly zoo. But we do – the Pavilion of Wings, which is being hosted at the Natural History Museum’s South Lawn. You can go visit the free-range butterflies for just two more days – and then they will be going back to…well, wherever it is butterflies come from. The exhibit closes on September 3rd.

Photo by Nafeesa, who always has great adventures in L.A. when she visits me.

The forecast calls for HOT… with varying degrees of HOT…

If you’re in the L.A. area, you can say, “Duh” right now.

I point out to you an informative article from cbs2.com on How To Keep Cool As Temps Rise

Also, it was mentioned here when it was HOT last year, but there are actual Cooling Centers around L.A. especially for seniors and others at risk during heat waves such as this one. More info can be found at the Department of Community and Senior Services site; a PDF of the 2007 Cooling Stations is also available.

You can also find a cooling center in the Greater Los Angeles area, by calling Infoline LA at 800-339-6993 or 2-1-1.

Or, as mentioned on the LAFD Blog:

To learn more about protecting yourself from oppressively hot weather, visit the Los Angeles Fire Department website at: LAFD.ORG

Stay cool, everyone!