Donuts At 3am

But not the Yum-Yum kind.

Big ups to the ass-clown who woke me up at 3:18 this morning, ruining the lovely dream I was having (Merv Griffin was my host in Las Vegas — I don’t know, don’t ask.) with the red-line revving of a muscly car engine outside our window. We live on the corner of what seems to be a popular drag racing venue. Speed bumps were put in down one half of the street we live on a few years ago so the 3am racing has diminished a bit. So when I heard the revving this morning, I didn’t think much of it until it became screeching and lights blaring as the dude, I mean DOUCHE, spun around and around and around. Then I sat up with that half asleep adrenaline running, thinking, if he loses control and jumps our curb, my husband and I have nothing but one stucco/plaster wall between us and the headlines of the Metro section.

Come with me after the jump to discuss the smell of these 3am donuts and to answer some questions.

Our luck, and his hands on the steering wheel, held and he was soon gone. I let out a breath and waited for my heart to stop pounding. As I was relaxing back to sleep mode, this noxious cloud of burnt rubber floated into our open window, drifting through our house like some ghost of drag-racing past. A horrible nasty odor! I got up to go to the bathroom and walked through the same cloud in the hallway! That was some thick cloud of petroleum product. I’m sure I lost a few brain/lung cells because of it.

So what is the deal? Why is Rancho Park, and our corner/street in particular, so popular with car racers? Now I know it’s hardly the center of illegal street racing in LA, but when did it become the alternative practice site? And why donuts? How is driving in tight circles at high speed so cool? (I don’t know what else to call them, that’s all I know them as…)

(My photo of the evidence on the street this morning.)

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  1. Asswipes…don’t they know that is what speed night at Irwindale is for? If all else fails the local target/walmart or mall parking lot can be used for that and not run the risk of pissing the neighbors who are likely armed or hitting a parked car damaging your ride. You are justified with your rant.

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