Westside Micro Quake

2.7 earthquake just a few moments ago.

I wouldn’t have known had my husband not called me to say “did you feel it?!” Which is usually what I do. It must have been centered just about under our house. But I’m out on a short job in an office building which rattles when cars drive into the garage.

Did you feel it?

8 thoughts on “Westside Micro Quake”

  1. I felt it, because I’m your husband! But yes, 8 miles deep according to http://quake.usgs.gov/recenteqs/ but felt like it was directly under my desk which is located near the crotch of the 405 and the 10. One big whump! And then rattle rattle. I was shocked it was only 2.7 reportedly but under review. Shocked!

  2. i felt it. 405/olympic. it shook the office tower i’m in…for like two seconds. it was my first earthquake :)

  3. Work in Santa Monica (Santa Monica Blvd. & 16th St.) and I felt it, but thought it was someone slamming the door really hard. My second earthquake!

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