Vroooomm…Monrovia Hot Rod & Custom Show Saturday

poster.jpg LA is the city that invented the freeway and our love for our cars is world renowned. This passion for our car’s has spawned entire industries dedicated to make them faster and cooler, mostly faster.

This weekend in Old Town Monrovia on Myrtle Avenye is our annual Hot Rod and Custom show. It’s limited to the first 500 pre-1980 car’s that apply. There are even prizes for the Best Overall, Engine, Paint, Interior and Rat Rod . It will run from 9AM to 3PM, Saturday September 29th.

The added bonus is that you can get up close and personal with the cars and their owners as no one ropes them off . (Well a few do have do not touch signs on them, but those tend to be the trailer queens that are there for show not driving enjoyment). I like this show the best as its all about nostalgic massive cubes and raw power as opposed to the tuner subculture that does the wild stuff with new cars and tiny little engines.
Examples of the cars and other stuff after the jump

1953 Caddy Coupe DeVille classic restoration and example of a trailer queen.


1950 Merc Lead Sled which is a fine example of customizing right down to the two-toned metal flake flame job.

429 Cobrajet in a 1963 Ford Galaxy 500….terrific example of the big block V8 of the 60’s.

The Cobra was an incredible series of engines back in the day which were needed to haul around the massive weight of those cars. Eventually someone had the bright idea of putting a really huge engine in a really small car and the whole pony car, muscle car craze was born.

The customizers took that idea and brought it to the heights of absurdity. I love those guys and the examples of what they did to those cars. You suddenly have shopping carts with engines big enough to move a small planet stuffed under the hood. Those are the ones that just amaze me.

1972 Ford Pintera with a 400HP Supercharged 351C. Insanely fast. Insanely LOUD.

“Metronator” started life as a very tiny cute 4 cyl Nash Metropolitan. This iteration stuffed in a 500CI GM Big Block V8 and then supercharged it to up the ludicrous quotient.

With Myrtle Avenue filled with the Car Show I’d recommend you Exit Myrtle and take it to Olive where you can make a right for Ivy or left for Primrose. From either of those streets you need to make a turn to continue north until you get to the various free public parking areas in town.

While in Old Town when you need a break to eat, try Jake’s for breakfast or an excellent tri-tip sandwich for lunch. Also as a Breakfast option is the Monrovian Family Restaurant. The Monrovian is more of your classic family eaterie that is very kid friendly with a great breakfast. Both places have outdoor seating available starting with Breakfast which gives you a nice chance to soak in all the cars arriving and people watch.

Another great lunch option is Rudy’s if you want some family style Mexican food. If all you want is just a quick cup of coffee and a snack Monrovia Coffee Company (which has free wi-fi) or Planet Cookie are your best bets. These are just a few of my favorites on Myrtle.

This show is really huge. Plan a few hours. Don’t forget to hit the cars and vendors hawking their wares along the way to customize your own ride.

This event is put on by the Monrovia Old Town Merchants Association and Street Rods Forever based in Temple City.

All pics by me from prior years shows, they are as big as they are going to get. Poster is the freebie tossed out all over town, it does get bigger.

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  1. Hey Chris, I’ll ask around. I talked with Ron Spencer one of the Club Members who organized early in the afternoon and it hadn’t been awarded yet. I was there from 10 until about 1:30 and was amazed at the size of it this year. As soon as I find out I’ll let you know or add an update here.

    Next year I will definitely shine up my Buick Centurion and bring it down.

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