Nature’s Roto Rooter

After last weekend’s rains came the usual reports advising those braniacs who think it would be awesome to swim in raw sewage to stay the hell out of the bays because of all the accumulated crap from the city waterways getting flushed out to sea like a giant toilet.

The flipside of that is said channels never look better, such as Ballona Creek pictured below from the ped/bike bridge just west of Overland, which up until last Friday had been sporting roughly a year’s accumulation of quite a mangy and decomped collection of flotsam and jetsam, but now is freshly scrubbed and ready to start clogging back up with fresh bacteria and styrofoam and aluminum and rubbers and hypodermics and shopping carts and motor oil all over again (click to doublify):

Hell even the water looked clear… except for the algae and stuff.

3 thoughts on “Nature’s Roto Rooter”

  1. And the occasional dead body.

    When I rowed for LMU (85-89), we used the creek for practice and races, depending on the tide. The men’s team were practicing with UCLA once and the coaches found a dead body floating. Yeesh.

  2. When I was a kid, I always thought it would be cool to get a big ol’ white water raft and cruise the river during a rain storm. Now I know it would only be fun until I died.

    As for the algae, it’s a good thing since it means the water isn’t so totally poison that nothing can grow.

  3. Actually DB the algae is a sign that the water is grotesquely polluted with lawn run off in the form or natural and organic fertilizers. The latter is what brings the coliform levels so high at the beaches after a storm.

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