It Caught My Eye: The Power Of Water

I detoured on the bike ride home yesterday to ico-Union to pick up some tasty Pollo Campero on Olympic and I’m glad I did because coming back west to Hoover and hanging a right I soon found myself in the presence of this striking sculpture facing south at the southern tip of LaFayette Park just below Wilshire and I came back the same route home this afternoon to take pix and a closer look at this artwork previously unknown to me (click to biggify):

Though there was no plaque in place giving any details, inscribed in the upper right corner of the base wall relief was “PWAP/1934/Lion-Herron/Peticolas,” and so of course I googled it at my first opp and only one single solitary link came back to, but it had just the info I was looking for.

Titled “The Power Of Water, it was a collaboration by artists Henry Lion, Jason Herron and Sherry Peticolas that was completed in 1934 and installed in 1935. Originally a fountain but at some shameful and ironic point “The Power Of Water” was filled in with dirt.

More biggifiable pix after the jump (the relatively fresh blood all over the stone in the last one, adds a different dimension, to be sure).