Go to Swerve Fest tonight, on us!


I’ve got 5 pairs of tickets to tonights Swerve Fest premier and after party that will go to the fist 5 people to comment on this post. Be sure to leave a full real name so I can leave it with Will Call, and only the first 5 folks get ’em. And… GO!

ALL GONE! DATE PAST! Folks, this was for Friday’s opening events, and we gave all the tickets away on Friday before said events. People posting comments Saturday asking for tickets to Friday’s events are out of luck. Sorry.

13 thoughts on “Go to Swerve Fest tonight, on us!”

  1. ooooooooooo!!

    can i have a pair???? pretty please? i’m first!!!

    me me me me me me me!

    (are you psyched about your new bike yet???!!!)

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