Traffic Report Hero

How often has this happened to you: You are sitting at your desk at work or you are at home and someone calls (spouse, friend, colleague) and says: “Can you check traffic for me? I’m at the airport and want to take the 105 to the 110. How does it look?” (or whatever route they need…) And depending on your relationship with the caller, you drop everything and find out. Sure, you could remind them that KNX has traffic reports every six minutes (AM 1070 for you new to LA-ers), but this is just the break you were hoping for in a long afternoon of TPS Reports or cat box cleaning.

When you get that call, when you have to put on your Traffic Hero Cape (No Capes!) where do you turn? Google Maps? (have you tried their “traffic” button?)

Personally, I like…but that’s just me.

Traffic Hero, signing off.

9 thoughts on “Traffic Report Hero”

  1. For some reason, I’m an guy. I think because it’s easy to type.

    I’d kill for one of the sites to start covering PCH between Santa Monica and Malibu.

  2. I used sigalert for long time, then switched to Google Traffic when it became available.

    One thing I never, EVER, do is pay attention to traffic updates on the radio. They are almost useless, sometimes worse.

  3. Windows Live Search on my phone has all the traffic info and it’s pretty accurate, not to mention mobile (so I never have to be the person on the other end of the line, aka “traffic victim”)

  4. I think the radio reports are useful if you know what they’re talking about. Let’s face it — online traffic maps are so much easier because they’re visual.

    Then again, I am called the human map by some, so…

  5. Usually I use Google Maps. Usually because I’m in a hurry, and, though has a lot of information, it’s almost too much information.

    Of course, I spend most of my time coming down from Malibu along PCH, so they’re mostly useless to me, anyway.

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