Mr Hawk back…..

hawkback.jpg After disappearing some 6 weeks ago the young hawks have returned to their birthplace in the tree next door. We (my neighbor Shane and I) were talking in the morning and heard their shrill call before they flew into the thick leaves of a huge Chinese Elm. They must be back as last night one was perched on the light pole above Shane’s house waiting to get its next meal.

I have no way of knowing what this return to our street tells us. The last 5 or 6 years the nesting pair would leave in August with the young ones and not return until the following spring. It could mean a few things. First and best guess is that the drought in the local mountains where they normally winter has reduced their normal prey to the point they came back here for more available food sources. The second guess is that the Santa Ana’s of the last few days have spooked them out of the woods above us. Or…mother nature has something bigger up her sleeve and they bailed to more familiar territory. You tell me.

Shane took the pic, sent to me to use here with permission of course.