Archive Fest! Woot!’s not that I’m obsessed with archives–really. But after I posted about USC’s digital archives and National Archives’ pictures of Valley smog, I discovered (via LA Brain Terrain) that this Saturday, the Huntington is home to the LA Archives Bazaar(!) Oh yeah! Who needs the Swerve Festival or the county fair (though I admit I have always had a fascination with fried twinkies)? Geek out this weekend and go look at the displays from more than 40 historical collections, learn how to preserve home movies and research your genealogy. Okay, so there probably won’t be a tilt-o-whirl and you won’t get to hear Juiceboxxx play, but I’ll bet that there will be lots of maps (and some people out there in our nation don’t have maps). More on this fine photo after the jump.

The photo of Miss Teen Sepulveda and her compatriots comes courtesy of CSUN’s San Fernando Valley History digital library. There’s some fine surfing to be had here, and I thank reader/commenter Megan for the link. Those of us who will be out of town this weekend and thus unable to take advantage of any of the festivities (no archives at Huntington library, no food on a stick in Pomona, no Sharpee tattoos at Swerve, alas) can solace ourselves by browsing pix of the Van Nuys bean harvest and our own Lucinda Michele’s Valley forebearers.

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