Another unenforceable parking zone?

fampark.jpg I had to laugh at this one. Breeders get special privileges? Since when? The irony with this cutesy sign is that it was posted at Chili’s Chevy’s in Burbank. Since when do kidlets go to a bar and grill? Damn, wake up Carrie Nations we may have another abolishinists call to order if this continues.

*sorry confused Chevy’s with Chili’s. It’s easy to confuse these quasi-mexican joints, especially when I rarely make it to Chevy’s as Burbank is so far off my normal track.

19 thoughts on “Another unenforceable parking zone?”

  1. Going anywhere with a infant can be quite an ordeal, especially with all the “Necessary” gear in tow. Though, I never used them, I find these spaces thoughtful. But then again, when has anything to do with cars been considered egalitarian?

  2. I’d imagine that just about any parking rule on private property could be enforceable if they were willing to stick tow trucks out there all the time. It might, of course, engender a fairly high level of ill will which is probably not in the interest of the restaurant.

    Incidentally the above commenter is right: Chili’s is not an adults only restaurant.

  3. Perhaps a midnight guerilla screening of “It’s Alive” should be shown on the parking structure wall.

    Oh, and Alison: please note I do not condone forcibly sterilising the humourless nor eliminating those whose general sense of poor punctuation should be directed toward why National Puncuation Day–which, coincidentally, was last Monday–was conceived a few years ago: any case: who the hell is “Pregnant Mom”?)

  4. No shit it’s not “adults only,” but it’s also, obviously, not a family-specific kind of hang out. Just because people take their kids there doesn’t make it Chuck E. Cheese.

    And if I might insert myself into the conversation, “Pregnant Mom’s Parking Only” doesn’t necessarily offend me, but regardless of that it’s still stupid.

  5. Spencer, Chuck E Cheese is revolting. Chili’s is totally family-friendly, and I think you’ll find that we parents need a cocktail at least as much as anyone else. (Stupid smiley to show that I’m gently ribbing goes here.) That said, I never used the preggers parking when I was, and I’d never use the family parking now that I am. I think they’re pretty dumb – pregnant women who really can’t walk far qualify for temporary disability tags, and families travel with way too much crap. The only “gear” I ever take into restaurants is a diaper bag, and I usually leave it in the car.

  6. It’s the same parking garage you use for Ikea, I think.

    I always park in these spots. I am a family of one.

  7. I saw this sign last month and even blogged about it at my own unread blog (PLUG!). What a load of discriminatory horseshit this one is.

    The funniest thing was that there was ONE handicap spot, and right beside it were FIVE of these “Family Parking” spots.

    Of course, I parked in one.

  8. Did I read “discriminatory” in a post? That’s got to be the funniest/lamest load of self-absorption I’ve read all week. Poor you.

    Now go call your mom and apologize.

  9. See, didn’t I say cars aren’t meant to be egalitarian. Every driver deserves their entitled parking space next to the door!

  10. At the topanga mall, they used to (they still might) have “Expectant mother parking only” spots.

    I always park there. The way I see it…I’m a woman of child-bearing age. Technically, one could expect me to be a mother some day.

  11. CD…you lose your sense of humor? Life’s too short to take everything seriously. Sweet Jeebus who appointed you head fascist in control of serious?

  12. You mean I got that job?! Sweet! I hadn’t heard back from the selection committee. The facists are SO hard to break into these days. Sure, lots of people are called fascist, but so few can actually back that sh*t up. Thanks man. Thanks.

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