After Hours L.A.?

So, my recent (diatribe) post wherein I recounted my adventures finding a place for a Late Night cuppa (Night of the Noxious) found mention of several folks faves in the comments.

As the economic winds seem to favor the Diner over the Coffee House for After Hours gathering and/or introspection, what are your favorites, and why? Which are best for seeing a little bit of the Crazy come out after the clubs close, and which are good for relaxing in the Late Night for a chat or perhaps to court the Muse?

Any place with Internet Access? Exceptional Coffee? Exceptional Tea? Outstanding Jukebox selection? Great Food? Awesome staff? Other Amenities? Where are the After Hours places to be?

We’re talking actual Late Night venues here, kids. Anyplace shutting their doors at 2AM on a Friday Night is right off the list.

Leave your picks in The Comments, and reasons why. Feel free to include preferable nights of the week, or times, if applicable. (Late night, of course) Any info, and opinions you have are welcome. (Let us know places to avoid too, if you like)

Just what the hell’s happening in L.A. After Dark?

2 thoughts on “After Hours L.A.?”

  1. Passing by Dinah’s diner on Sepulveda at Centinela on the Culver City/Westchester border I noticed they have a sign offering free wifi, but don’t think they have the type of hours your after.

  2. Cafe Mak is right around the corner from my school (Southwestern Law School) and is the best late night study spot.

    A good pot of fresh brewed coffee or a variety of herbal teas go great with their tasty selection of Korean desserts. Best of all they’re open until 4am everyday with… (wait for it!) FREE WiFi!

    It’s a huge space tucked into the heart of Korea Town and you’d never even know it was there! A hidden gem of late night LA…

    Cafe Mak
    (213) 252-9898
    612 Shatto Pl
    Los Angeles, CA 90005

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