Caltrans Has Great Vocabulary

At the National Blvd. onramp to the south 405 is this sign:

Construction has been going on for ages but this sign is relatively new. When I first saw it I thought “ingress” was a pretty hifalutin word for a contstruction site. But then I thought, shouldn’t we always try to increase our standards in this awesome city?

Nice vocab, Caltrans, well done. Now just finish the dang work!

4 thoughts on “Caltrans Has Great Vocabulary”

  1. Hey Julia – I ws raised in the construction indusrty and both of the words ingress and egress are actully pretty common in the industry, at every level. They are used on all the drawings for parking structures, large public buildings, airports and highway work, etc. I like words too, and these are good ones.

  2. Dare I saw that’s mighty ingressive of CalTrans. I for one am greatly ingressed, but then I’m highly ingressionable. Can’t ingress that upon you enough.

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